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Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) is comprised of a sub-group of dedicated professionals on the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, who represent a diverse array of businesses in our region. Our primary focus is on participating in legislative and public policy matters that directly impact the Katy area business community. We firmly believe that fostering a strong relationship between local government, educational institutions, and businesses is crucial for the sustainable growth and prosperity of our community.

The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce engages in Government Affairs. We do NOT engage in political action on behalf of candidates and do not have a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Primary Goals and Activities
Identify a priority list of issues that will be tracked. The priority is established through committee discussions and input from local business leaders and owners.

Pursue dialogue with local, regional, and state legislators. Based on those discussions, provide Katy Area businesses with relevant information to help them navigate future decisions.

Track legislation that impacts Chamber members and inform the membership of potential changes or creation of new laws.

Create useful and meaningful forums for discussion and understanding members' views on the issues/proposed legislation.

Charles Stein

AT&T, External Affairs Director
GRC Chair

Government Relations Committee

Maddie Banks

Memorial Hermann

Matthew Ferraro

Katy Area Chamber

Bill Lacy

Independent Bank

Zach Weyand

Houston Methodist

Katy Area Elected Officials
John Cornyn

US Senator

Paul Bettencourt

State Senator, Dist. 7

Michael Schofield

State Rep., Dist. 132

Ted Cruz

US Senator

Joan Huffman

State Senator, Dist. 17

Lina Hidalgo

Harris County Judge

Morgan Luttrell

US Congressman, Dist. 8

Lois Kolkhorst

State Senator, Dist. 18

KP George

Fort Bend County Judge

Michael McCaul

US Congressman, Dist. 10

Jacey Jetton

State Rep., Dist. 22

Trey Duhon III

Waller County Judge

Troy Nehls

US Congressman, Dist. 22

Gary Gates

State Rep., Dist. 28

Lesley Briones

Harris County Commissioner, Pct. 4

Wesley Hunt

US Congressman, Dist. 38

Stan Kitzman

State Rep., Dist. 85

Vincent Morales

Fort Bend County Commissioner, Pct. 1

Justin Beckendorff

Waller County Commissioner, Pct. 4

Dusty Theile

Mayor, City of Katy

Chris Harris

Mayor Pro Tem, City of Katy

Janet Corte

Council, City of Katy (A)

Gina Hicks

Council, City of Katy (B)

Rory Robertson

Council, City of Katy (B)

Dan Smith

Council, City of Katy (A)

Victor Perez

President, Katy ISD

Amy Thieme

Vice President, Katy ISD

Dawn Champagne

Secretary, Katy ISD

Lance Redmon

Trustee, Katy ISD

Rebecca Fox

Trustee, Katy ISD

Morgan Calhoun

Trustee, Katy ISD

Mary Ellen Cuzela

Trustee, Katy ISD

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