Leadership Katy


In 2020, the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce will launch Leadership Katy, a premier civic leadership development program aimed at convening, connecting and mobilizing a pipeline of promising leaders to explore and address key business and community issues in the Katy Area and Tri-County Region.

The Program

Each year, individuals will be selected to participate in a 10-month program that meets once a month. Participants receive in-depth exposure to the issues facing the community through lectures, discussion groups, on-site visits, simulations, and other leadership development activities. The program enables participants to develop their leadership capacities, build strong relationships, and prepare themselves for the challenges of the years to come.

Tuition for the program is $2,500 which covers all transportation, airfare, lodging, and meals. Leadership Katy will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted.

  • July - Class Welcome Reception
  • August - Orientation and Team Building Retreat in Galveston (Mandatory)
  • September - Community & Cultural Awareness
  • October - Business & Economic Development
  • November - Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • December - Break
  • January - State Government in Austin, TX (Mandatory)
  • February - Education
  • March - National Government in Washington, DC (Mandatory)
  • April - Healthcare
  • May - Graduation and Ending Retreat in Camp Allen, TX (Mandatory)

Leadership Katy participants build the knowledge, confidence and motivation to become actively involved in promoting constructive change for the Katy Area. Class members will grow in awareness and understanding of the challenges and issues facing our community. Leadership Katy opens the door for enhanced corporate/organizational community involvement and visibility, develops valuable contacts and networks, and helps identify where strategic alliances might be formed. Employers and sponsoring organizations will see increased leadership and problem-solving skills in their employees who participate in the program. The community will experience immediate benefit from increased involvement on the part of the participants and will reap future benefits from the collective commitment to effective leadership by the graduates of Leadership Katy.


Graduation from the class represents the beginning of a lifetime of opportunity as a member of the Leadership Katy Alumni network. Alumni have the responsibility to foster continued leadership development in the region and are expected to support the work of Leadership Katy. In addition, it is expected that alumni will participate in constructive community change. They are also encouraged to serve on committees, boards and organizations throughout the region. Critical to the organization’s continued success is the support from past participants in program guidance, financial contributions and marketing the program to future participants.

Cody Huggins

Leadership Katy Chair

Regions Bank

Please return your application to the Katy Area Chamber via email.