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Katy Area Chamber

About Us

The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of businesses and professional people. We offer a variety of programs, opportunities and other services to strengthen existing businesses, encourage small business creation and develop a talented workforce. We help local business owners and professionals stay up to date on the latest trends, evolving issues and changes in business. Our education and training programs are timely, convenient and presented by leaders and experts from a wide range of business segments.  Our Chamber networking activities are designed to help our members connect their businesses to business opportunities.

Because the Katy Area has a tremendous collection of talented business professionals from a variety of industries, our Chamber programs are developed through member-run committees that tap into this diverse expertise. Through your participation in these committees and networking at our various events, we can continue to grow good business and thrive together, becoming an even stronger force for the betterment of the community, region, and state. We urge you to get involved.


To promote and advance business opportunity and activity, community development and quality of life in the Katy Area.


To be the leading facilitator of a healthy business climate, thriving communities and excellent quality of life in the Tri-County Region.

Core Values

The Katy Area Chamber serves as a valuable resource for business owners and professionals by developing and providing programs that enhance our members’ awareness and understanding of the latest trends, best practices, technology and other issues in the business world. We look to create exciting opportunities where valuable relationships can be developed and enhanced through networking and sharing information. Sharing valuable information on legislative, regulatory and other issues that potentially affect the Katy Area, and then serving as the collective voice for our members on those issues


The Katy Area Chamber promotes an enhanced quality of life in the region by serving as a valuable resource for ideas and information. We will be the collective voice of business on community issues and leverage the diverse array of outstanding businesses, services and assets that make up our thriving community.

Integrity, Ethics, Inclusive

The Katy Area Chamber will conduct all of its business, operations and interactions with others in a manner that is of the highest integrity, grounded in strong ethics, inclusive and respectful of all parties operating in a constructive, cooperative manner.

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