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The Katy Area Chamber recognizes healthcare innovation as a catalyst for economic growth. We are leveraging the community's healthcare assets and working to transform our Tri-County region into a leader in healthcare innovation.

The primary mission of the Katy Area Chamber’s Healthcare committee is to attract and leverage the highest quality healthcare providers for the benefit of Katy Area businesses and communities. Together, these healthcare assets greatly support Katy Area businesses and communities, providing a baseline of outstanding healthcare service and innovation.

The Chamber will nurture a network of healthcare providers, who are well attuned to the needs of the Katy Area and who understand the importance of professional and business development. The Katy Area Chamber’s Healthcare efforts will also identify and promote economic initiatives and innovations in healthcare which benefit the industry, our membership and the community at large.

Healthcare Committee
Portia Willis
Laura De La Rosa
Christa Clifton
Jason Hodge
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