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As the Katy Area advances its economic development efforts to compete effectively for the future, we also must continuously improve our infrastructure. A healthy infrastructure – including in the areas of energy, water, transportation, and technology - provides the solid foundation for business growth and thriving communities. Strong, resilient and long-lasting roads, bridges, and highways allow for efficient transportation in and around the Katy Area. Well-designed and constructed drainage, bayous and retention systems can help keep our homes and businesses safe from flooding events. A reliable energy system provides our businesses and communities with the power to continue to grow and prosper. Robust, ever-evolving technology helps to keep the Katy Area on the cutting edge of an enhanced quality of life.

Strong infrastructure systems provide the foundation for accelerated business growth, increased capital, job creation and investment in the Katy Area. Worthy improvements require smart investment, sound management and creative partnerships between the public and private sectors. As government budgets continue to be strained, spending priorities will become even more difficult to identify. The business community must, therefore, effectively advocate for continued infrastructure investment.

The Chamber will support active participation and input from the business community to promote rational policy-making decisions on infrastructure issues. The Chamber will keep its members and the broader business community abreast of new legislation and regulations that impact infrastructure and facilitate engagement to encourage  outcomes that support -- and that do not hinder -- economic development and job creation. The Chamber will continue to deepen collaborative relationships with partners, thought leaders, and local, state and federal officials to ensure continued infrastructure investment is a priority for the Katy Area.

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