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Maximizing Your Membership

Membership in the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce confirms that your  business is engaged with our community, working to make the Katy Area a  great place in which to live, work and play. Leveraging your membership through the many programs and opportunities offered by the Katy Area Chamber can have positive impact on your business. Benefits can include building your reputation, relationships, knowledge and connections to business opportunities and faster growth and more success for your company.  Here are a few important steps to take to get the most from your  membership with the Katy Area Chamber.

Stay Informed

The Katy Area Chamber strives to keep its members informed of the most current information on key topics, upcoming events and unique opportunities pertaining to the area’s business community. Having your key staff members and team subscribe to our Chamber e-newsletters is a great way to stay informed. Follow us on our social media platforms for updates and the latest trending topics.

Online Business Listing

As an added benefit of being a Chamber member, you can include your company in our searchable online business directory. The directory divides businesses into categories and specialties and is ideal for search engine optimization (SEO). Increase your online presence and the number of visits to your web page by linking your company website to your online Chamber listing.

Participate in Chamber Programs

The Katy Area Chamber is  well-connected throughout the Tri-County Region with already more than 500 members and growing. You can expand your network and knowledge by sharing ideas or perspective with other business professionals and community members at the many events and programs that the Chamber offers throughout the year. Leverage your membership by participating in as many of these business-focused, community-oriented events as possible.

Serve on a Committee

One great way to both promote your business and help the community is to serve on one of our committees. These volunteer committees focus on specific topics and issues that are important to business and the community in the Katy Area. Committees include ambassadors, education, governmental affairs, healthcare, infrastructure, membership and small business.

Promote Your Business

Various affordable advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available to choose from as a member of the Katy Area Chamber. If you have a small budget, don't worry. Through our community calendar you can list your event at no cost. Looking to entice newcomers in the Katy Area to utilize your product or service? Advertise in the Chamber's Business Directory and Newcomer Guide or through the Chamber’s website by offering discounts for your products through our member-to-member discount program, or share valuable business information and best practices as a speaker at one of our events. We are happy to discuss any other options you see fit for your business. Just reach out to our team!

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